Oh, Vienna.

On Monday evening I was in Vienna. Thanks to our partner agency IKP Porter Novelli I had the opportunity to talk to some of the best and brightest businesses in Austria.

The presentation was given in a fabulous private salon (Austrians seem to be keen on the “private” thing — perhaps because it helps them get around the EU smoking ban) which promised “Guten Wein mit Wirtschaf, Politik & Kultur.” I don’t know where my presentation fit in.

As we were going up the stairs I saw signs that my presentation had been advertised under the title “Facebook, Twitter & Co”, so I carefully changed the title of the presentation accordingly. The bits behind the title page never really changed.

If you’ve read the Integration Triagle presentation post, then the last third of what follows will be familiar and I suggest that you stop reading when you see Arnold Schwarzenegger for the second time.

I really need to credit Paul Mead, MD of VCCP Search for the meat of the first third of the presentation: it’s pretty much a facsimile lift from an inspirational presentation I saw him give a few months ago that has changed the way I’m thinking about Social Media planning. Thanks, Paul!

After the presentation, the IKP Porter Novelli team took me out for drinks. The next day for breakfast, they made me ham and eggs. Then Franz Ramerstorfer took me to a “typical Viennese cafĂ©” for coffee and Sacher Torte. This is Franz.

Franz Ramerstorfer, IKP Porter Novelli

Franz is the Porter Novelli network’s “Digital Ambassador” in Austria, and leader of the Digital Taskforce out there, so this sets a new standard for Ambassador behaviour. I do hope the other ambassadors take notice. Thank you Franz and everyone at IKP for a great opportunity, and a great time!