Our Social Media Policy

Following a PRCA roundtable this morning to discuss Ofcom’s research into social networking, I’m pleased to share a (very draft) version of our new Social Media Policy.

[edit: the "our" in that sentence means "Porter Novelli's"]

You can see a larger version, and download a copy as a PDF or Word Document over here at Scribd. Alternatively, you can click the “enlarge” button (what the orange arrow’s pointing to in the image below).

Previewing: 201COur Social Media Policy201D

I’d appreciate as much feedback as possible. It would be nice if you’d share what you have to say (whether positive or negative) in the comment stream below. That way others can see what you’ve said, and build on it. If not, I’m happy to receive anonymous comments by email.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Richard Ellis from the PRCA, and Justin Le Patourel and Sam Carter from Ofcom for putting on a wonderful show this morning.